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Limited Warranty


Your Vape Forward Product is warranted by S. E. Box Mods LLC to the original purchaser for 90 days from the date of first purchase from an authorized Vape Forward retailer.  This warranty covers only those components that have defects in materials or workmanship.  It excludes:

  • damage, malfunction, or deterioration caused by abnormal use, negligence, lack of care, misuse, abuse, tampering, or alteration, including, without limitation, dropping the device, intrusion of liquids into the device, and attempts to open the device;
  • cosmetic damage or other damage caused by normal wear and tear and use (such as dents or scratches to the finish) that do not affect product performance;
  • damage caused by overcharging, improper installation of batteries, or failure to charge the device in accordance with the specific instructions provided;
  • damage to a device serviced, maintained or repaired by an unauthorized or unqualified technician;
  • damage resulting from use of batteries not compatible with a given device as provided in the instructions; and
  • damage caused by the use of accessories not intended for use with the Vape Forward line of products or that are incorrectly applied to Vape Forward products.


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